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We hope you're delighted with your new Moochies Smartphone Watch. It ships with comprehensive setup instructions, but, as with any new product, we understand if you've got questions.

Below, are are list of the common questions we are often asked. Have a read through and see if this answers your query.

If you're still unsure about anything, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team. There's contact details at the bottom of the page.


The Moochies phone watch is unlocked to 3G networks, so you can pick one that works best in your area. Remember to ensure the SIM you pick is 3G capable, has minimum of 100MB of data and has credits for messaging/calling.
However, because of the frequency Telstra works at, this network is not compatible for your Moochies phone watch. We recommend either Vodafone and Optus as these networks work really well with our watches.

Why haven’t I received my order?

We're really sorry, but currently we only have stock of the Pink Moochies Smartphone Watch.

We're getting stock of the Black and Blue Moochies Smartphone Watches in mid-November, and will commence shipping on the 20th November 2017.

If you've ordered a Pink Moochies Smartphone Watch, we'll ship this out to you immediately.

If you want to change your order to a Pink Moochies Smartphone Watch, we'd be delighted to help out. Drop us a line in the Contact Us section below with your Name and Order details, and we'll happily update your order, and get your new Moochies Smartphone Watch in the post immediately to you.

How do I insert the Sim Card into my new Moochies Smartphone Watch?

The Sim Card Compartment is on the left hand side of the Moochies Smartphone Watch. We include a Sim Card tool to allow you to open the Sim Card compartment.

When inserting the Sim Card, ensure that the Sim Card Chip is facing upwards.

To help out, we've created a video on how to insert the Sim Card into the Moochies Smartphone Watch.

So, How Does The Watch Work?

Your Moochies Smartphone Watch works in exactly the sme way as your smartphone does - all you need to do is insert a Sim Card (from any 3G network) so you can make and receive calls and use the GPS features of the watch, and everything else. You can use it with either a Pay as You Go Sim Card, or in a Contract with any 3G network of your choice as our watches are not locked to any specific network. (You can also use them abroad as they are not locked to any specific network).

Do I Need A Sim Card To Use With The Moochies Smartphone Watch?

Yes, you do need a sim card to use our Moochies watches.

Basically, our Moochies watches mainly work as a phone would, so all you will need to do is insert a sim card (from any 3G network) inside of the watch so you can make/receive calls and use the GPS features of the watch, and everything else.

You can use it with either a pay as you go sim card, or in a contract with any 3G network of your choice as our watches are not locked to any specific network. (You can also use them abroad as they are not locked to any specific network).

Do We Supply A Sim Card With The Moochies Smartphone Watch?

Yes, we normally send a free sim card together with every order to make things easier for our customers, as it will be easier for you to receive your order + sim card, so that you can already top that sim card up and start using your Moochies watch straight away.

Who Can Your Child Call From Their Moochies Smartphone Watch?

There will be a list of contacts displayed on the watch's screen, when the child chooses "Contacts", and these numbers are set by the Administrator (usually the parent or guardian) from the Moochies App, so your child will be allowed to call only the numbers you authorise from within the Moochies App.

Who Can Check The GPS Position Of Your Moochies Smartphone Watch?

Only the Administrator (usually the parent or guardian), can access this information from within the Moochies App.

My Moochies Smartphone Watch will not pass the ‘Searching screen’. What should I do?

Remember to top up the Sim Card that you've inserted into your Moochies Smartphone Watch, as you need to have credits on that Sim Card in order to register and pair the watch with your phone. The watch will not pass the 'Searching for network' screen unless you have credits on that specific Sim Card.

• If you have inserted the Sim Card, and have confirmed you have a Credit balance, make sure you've inserted the Sim Card the correct way round - there's instructions for inserting the Sim Card above.

• If you've got Credit setup, and your Sim Card is inserted correctly, try going outside, although I hope it's not raining! When your Moochies Smartwatch phone is first turned on, it needs to update its GPS location to enable all the tracking features of the device. Going outside gives your new Moochies Smartphone Watch direct view of the GPS satellites, and makes it quicker to update the device Location.

Is The Material Used In The Moochies Smartphone Watch Safe?

The Moochies smartphone watch is made from non-toxic silicone, which is harmless to the child.

All aspects of the Moochies smartphone watch complies with relevant safety standards.

The battery is safer than a standard Lithium battery, as it is a Gel Polymer Lithium-Ion battery, which prevents internal combustion.

My Moochies Smartphone Watch has Stopped Charging - What Should I Do?

Have you tried using a different plug socket, or simply using a different charging cable? Normally this resolves the issue.

If your Moochies Smartphone Watch still doesn't start charging when you've tried this, please get in touch and we'll be able to look into the issue.

I Can't Call My Moochies Smartphone Watch From a Different Phone.

For safety reasons to ensure only authorised contacts can call your child's Moochies Smartphone Watch, all numbers not setup as Contacts within the Moochies App are automatically blocked.

To add a new Contact within the Moochies App:

• Within the App, Click "Settings"

• Click "Family Members" then select "Invite Family Member".

• Select the Option "Add Contact", enter the phone number, and click "Confirm".

The Contact will then be automatically synced to your Moochies SmartPhone Watch. If for any reason the call is still blocked, turn your Moochies Smartphone Watch off, then back on, and you'll then be able to call the device successfully.

Can I Use My Moochies Smartphone Watch Abroad?

Yes, you can easily use your Moochies Smartphone Watch abroad as they are not locked to any specific network. The only requirement is for the network of your choice to be 3G and to support the 1900 / 2100 Mhz frequencies.

Is My Moochies Smartphone Watch Waterproof?

Unfortunately our watches are not waterproof as they have components that will get damaged when in contact with water, such as the microphone and Sim Card, etc.

Which Sim Card Should I Use For My Moochies Smartphone Watch?

You're able to use any Pay as You Go Sim Card, as well as Contract Sim Cards in your Moochies Smartphone Watch. Size wise, The Moochies Smartphone Watchrequires a Micro Sim Card.

How Long Does The Battery In My Moochies Smartphone Watch Last?

The battery of your watch normally lasts between 12 - 18 hours with a single charge. We recommend our customers to normally leave the watch charging overnight, so that your kid have a fully charged watch ready for use during the day time.

What Are The Dimensions of the Moochies Smartphone Watch?

Watch Dimensions

Can I Change The Strap of the Moochies Smartphone Watch?

Yes, you can change the strap of your Moochies Smartphone Watch as the strap we use is a standard model / type, which can be easily replaced by any other of your choice.

Does the Moochies Smartphone Watch have the ‘Listen In’ feature where I can automatically answer a call so I can hear the surrounding noise of where my child is?

Sadly, our Moochies Smartphone Watch don’t count with the ‘Listen In’ feature at this moment, but we love this idea, and have added it to our list of product upgrades. Subscribe to our Mailing List for exciting new Product Updates.

Does The Moochies Smartphone Watch Have An Alarm If My Child Removes The Watch From Their Wrist?

No. Your Moochies Smartphone Watch don’t have an alarm to alert you if the watch is removed from your kid’s wrist. We love this idea, and have added it to our list of product upgrades. Subscribe to our Mailing List for exciting new Product Updates.

What Sim Card Plans Do We Recommend For Your Moochies Smartphone Watch?

When it comes to recommending a plan for our customers, we feel that is best for our customers to try a pay as you go plan in the first month so that you have an idea of how much you will be spending per month, and perhaps sign up for a contract plan in future.

Basically, our Moochies Smartphone Watch work as a normal phone would, so try to consider the amount of times your kid will be using to call you and the data necessary for a whole month, as the GPS feature and voice messages require internet to work.

In simple terms, you will need a plan that offers you minutes of calling + data.

Can I Change The Ring / Volume of the Moochies Smartphone Watch?

No. Unfortunately, you can’t change the ring tone or volume of your Moochies Smartphone Watch. The ring tone is a standard one and at a normal level of ring / sound.

How Can I Change The Time Zone Of My Moochies Smartphone Watch?

Normally the time zone of your watch adjusts itself automatically when connecting to the network you will be using the watch with.

Even when travelling abroad, once you turn the watch on, the time zone will be automatically updated, but you can also adjust the time zone manually by clicking into the watch’s screen and swiping to the last menu option on the left size, until you reach "Device".

Once you click on this option, you will see a Time Zone option over there and of your You can easily change the Time Zone.

Do We Have Any Resellers So I Can See The Moochies Smartphone Watch In Person Before Buying?

At the moment, we only sell our watches online through our website and don’t have any resellers stocking our products, as we prefer to have an online platform for sales only for the time being.

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